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  • Siemens Coffee machine Siemens "TI923309RW"

    The high-end fully automatic Siemens EQ9 s300 coffee machine is designed for those who value the highest quality. You can make all the most popular drinks just with one touch of a button: from espresso to latte macchiato. The quality of the drinks is ensured by the Siemens iAROMA system: an extremely silent

    Brand: Siemens

    Price: £999
  • Miele Coffee machine Miele "CM 6360 OBCM"

    Produced by one of the world's most well-known manufacturers of household appliances, the coffee machine Miele "CM 6360 MilkPerfection" is designed for those who love having a variety of drinks to choose from. This model is capable of preparing numerous recipes: from traditional espresso or cappuccino to the

    Brand: Miele

    Price: £1299
  • Wilfa Coffee grinder Wilfa "CGWS-130B"

    Coffee grinder Wilfa "Svart" is a perfect grinder for both beginners and experienced home baristas looking for an electrical, precise grinding solution. Besides the elegant design, these grinders offer great functionality. Solid burrs provide quick and even grinding. Stainless steel guarantees durability for

    Brand: Wilfa

    Price: £79.2
  • Melitta Coffee machine Melitta "E957-103 Solo Perfect Milk"

    The automatic coffee machine, characterised by minimalist design and compactness, prepares espresso and black coffee from freshly ground coffee beans. The automatic milk frother prepares hot milk and milk foam. By mixing milk with coffee in various ratios, you can prepare a myriad of milk-based beverages.

    Brand: Melitta

    Price: £399
  • Whirlpool W11 CM145 Built In Coffee Machine - Black - F154197

    Whirlpool W11 CM145 Dark Grey Built In Coffee Machine features a 2.5 litre capacity, Grinding System, Pre-brew System, Pre-grind System, Prepare Two Cups at Once, Hot Waterspout and Frothing Nozzle. Dimensions (HxWxD) (mm) - 450 x 560 x 470, Niche Dimensions (HxWxD) (mm) - 450 x 560-568 x 545. Also known as:

    Brand: Whirlpool

    Price: £1299.99
  • Melitta Coffee machine Melitta "F27/0-100 Avanza"

    This minimalistic design, very compact, yet capacious bean-to-cup coffee machine makes truly great espresso and coffee from freshly ground beans. Automatic steam nozzle with pipe froths the milk for delicious milk-based drinks. It is easy to operate and maintain. ESPRESSO, REGULAR COFFEE AND MILK FROTH JUST

    Brand: Melitta

    Price: £399
  • DeLonghi Coffee machine De'Longhi "ECAM 22.110.B“

    One of the most popular models of bean-to-cup De’Longhi coffee machines of all time. Freshly grinds coffee beans each time and makes espresso and long coffee at the touch of a button. Using the steam nozzle, you will froth the milk foam for milk-based drinks. Simple operation and maintenance allows you to

    Brand: DeLonghi

    Price: £309
  • Sage Coffee machine Sage "the Barista™ Touch SES880BST"

    With new intuitive touch screen, preprogrammed beverage menu and automatic milk frothing, you can enjoy barista-quality coffee at your home.ONLY 3 STEPS AWAY FROM PERFECT COFFEEThe intuitive touch screen simplifies coffee preparation, due tue which you can enjoy your favorite coffee just in 3 simple steps.

    Brand: Sage

    Price: £1031
  • Miele CM6560 Obsidian Black Pearl Finish Coffee Machine - 11590250

    Miele CM 656 Obsidian Black Coffee Machine. This luxurious countertop coffee machine delivers perfect flavour thanks to the AromaticSystem intelligent brewing. Great features include the Miele OneTouch for Two function; make two delicious coffee specialities simultaneously for less preparation, and more time

    Brand: Miele

    Price: £1499
  • DeLonghi Coffee Machine De'Longhi "Dinamica Plus ECAM 370.95.T"

    The bean-to-cup coffee machine De’Longhi "Dinamica ECAM 370.95.T" with a modern design freshly grinds coffee beans each time and prepares up tp 12 coffee drinks at the touch of a button. Choose from both traditional black coffee drinks and popular coffees with milk. 3 users can save their own beverage menu.

    Brand: DeLonghi

    Price: £769
  • Kalita Coffee brewing set Kalita "Wave Style Up 185 (Navy)"

    The Kalita "Wave Style Up 185" set includes a glass dripper, a glass server (jug), a silicone drying rack, as well as 20 paper filters. For even more convenience, the jug is girded with a beautiful, dark blue silicon "sleeve" — the combination of the latter and the silicon rack in the same colour makes the

    Brand: Kalita

    Price: £58
  • Sage Coffee machine Sage "The Barista Express SES875"

    Prepare a cup of café quality coffee that tastes like the one in your favourite café. This coffee machine has automatic grinding, dosing, tamping and milk frothing functions, which help prepare impeccable coffee very easily. DOSE-CONTROL GRINDINGIntegrated conical burr grinder grinds on-demand to deliver the right amount of freshly ground coffee directly into the portafilter for your preferred taste with any roast of bean.PRECISE ESPRESSO EXTRACTIONDigital temperature control (PID) delivers water at precisley the right temperature, ensuring optimal espresso extraction.MICRO-FOAM MILK FROTHINGThe steam wand performs at the level that allows you to froth milk to a smooth micro-foam that enhances flavour and allows to create masterful latte art.GRIND SIZE DIALSimple and intuitive, giving you control over the grind size no matter what type of bean you're grinding.Included Accessories:- "Razor" Dose Trimming Tool;- 54 mm Stainless Steel Portafilter;- 1 cup & 2 cup Single & Dual Wall Filter Baskets;- Coffee Scoop;- Integrated Tamper;- Stainless Steel Milk Jug;- Cleaning disc and tablets;- Cleaning brush and other tools;- Water Filter Holder and Water Filter.

    Brand: Sage

    Price: £539
  • Bosch Coffee machine Bosch "CTL636EB6"

    Discover a brand new way of controlling your household appliances! With the function of "Home Connect" you will be able to control your coffee machine remotely even if you are far away from your home. While using Wi-Fi or mobile internet you will be able to prepare beverages by 17 different international

    Brand: Bosch

    Price: £1559
  • Smeg Retro Espresso Coffee Machine - Blue - ECF01PBUK

    Smeg 50's retro style Espresso Coffee Machine in pastel blue. Features anti-drip system, steam optiion, adjustable cappuccino system, indicator lights and 1 litre removable water tank. Product Dimensions (HxWxD) (mm) - 303 x 149 x 330. Also known as: ECF01PBUK Retro.

    Brand: Smeg

    Price: £325.99
  • Lelit Coffee machine "Lelit Elizabeth PL92T"

    The "Elizabeth PL92T" coffee machine is the star of the "Lelit VIP" line. Due to the integrated separate heaters (boilers) for water and steam, this coffee machine will be appreciated by those who know what espresso of the highest quality tastes like, as well as those who enjoy milk-based beverages. The

    Brand: Lelit

    Price: £1099
  • Nespresso Coffee machine Nespresso "Citiz & Milk Silver"

    Nespresso coffee machine "Citiz & Milk" is an improved version of "Citiz" model. This coffee machine has an integrated "Aeroccino" milk foamer, allowing you to enjoy coffee with milk with just one press of a button. Thanks to the high pressure pump and quick heating system, coffee will be prepared in just a

    Brand: Nespresso

    Price: £189
  • DeLonghi Coffee machine De’Longhi "ECAM 250.23.SB"

    The automatic coffee machine "De’Longhi ECAM 250.23" prepares freshly ground coffee beans each time and makes espresso, black coffee and slow-brewed long coffee at the touch of a single button. Using the steam wand, you can froth milk foam or heat milk for milk-based drinks. Simple operation and maintenance

    Brand: DeLonghi

    Price: £339
  • Sage Coffee machine SAGE "The Barista Pro SES878BSS"

    This Sage coffee machine allows you to become a real barista at home and enjoy the perfect taste of coffee. Just the way it would be prepared by professional coffee makers. Due to the newest integrated technologies: wide LCD screen, innovative heating system "Thermojet", digital temperature controller PID, professional portafilter and steam nozzle, you will prepare your coffee quickly, easily and professionaly.LCD SCREEN FOR EASY CONTROLOn the wide LCD screen you will see all the information you need to make the coffee you want at the moment. You can choose from existing settings or change them to your individual taste.ALWAYS READY TO PREPARE COFFEE OR MILK FOAMThe innovative "ThermoJet" heating system allows to reach required water temperature in just 3 seconds. Switches from espresso mode to milk frothing mode instantly.INTEGRATED ADJUSTABLE GRINDERJust press a button and the integrated conical grinder will grind the desired amount of coffee. It is possible to adjust the grinding level (up to 30 different levels) and the portion size.19-22 G FOR COFFEE PORTIONIn order for the prepared espresso coffee to be rich and balanced, it is necessary to use a certain amount of coffee. The 54 mm diameter portafilter with a capacity of 19-22 g ensures that you will have the opportunity to make the perfect coffee.PRECISE EXTRACTION PROCESSThe digital temperature controller (PID) ensures the right water temperature, which is essential for good coffee preparation. At the beginning of coffee brewing, ground coffee is moistened using low pressure. The pressure is then increased (to a suitable for espresso) and the coffee of perfect consistency flows into the cup. This results in a very balanced and aromatic coffee.PERFECT MILK FOAMWith an extremely powerful steam nozzle you can froth the milk foam like professional baristas and even make latte art.Included accessories:- 54 mm portafilter- Single and double wall filter baskets (for 1 and 2 portions)- Tamper- The Razor (Precision Dose Trimming Tool)- Stainless steel milk jug (480 ml)- Cleaning set- Water filter

    Brand: Sage

    Price: £699
  • Siemens Coffee machine Siemens "TE657319RW"

    The bean-to-cup coffee machine Siemens "EQ6 Plus s700" prepares all most popular coffee drinks just at your fingertips. Moreover, it prepares americano, cortado and flat white. Due to the integrated One Touch Double Cup mode you can prepare 2 servings of every coffee beverage at once. The iAroma system

    Brand: Siemens

    Price: £799
  • Rancilio Coffee grinder Rancilio "Kryo 65 ST"

    Thanks to its unique cooling technology, the coffee grinder Rancilio "KRYO 65 ST" is capable of grinding large amounts of beans at once without causing them to overheat. Durable "ThermoSteel" burrs, a removable bean hopper, a stylish and functional grind adjustment knob, a soft-grip doser lever — the "KRYO"

    Brand: Rancilio

    Price: £479.2