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  • Garmin Quest Steam Genarator Iron Blue 2400W with 1.2L Water Tank and Variable Temperature Setting

    2400W 1.2L Water Tank Variable temperature setting 1.7m cable Clever storage system Ceramic Soleplate Continuous Steamer

    Brand: Garmin

    Price: £43.98
  • Morphy Richards Equip Blue Steam Iron 2200W with Non Stick Soleplate and Anti-Drip Technology

    The Equip Steam Iron is lightweight and easy to use iron. Get a crease free finish with 35g/min steam rate and for those stubborn creases take advantage of the 80g steam boast and water spray. The non-stick soleplate is easy to clean and smoothly glides across fabric, easily removing creases. A 300ml tank is plenty to avoid frequent refilling without making ironing too heavy. Avoid any water marks or spills on your garments with anti-drip technology. A durable and easy to clean non-stick soleplate Smooth glide for easier ironing Powerful steam rate of 35g/min and 80g steam boost 300ml tank capacity Anti-drip technology Dual limescale protection 2200W

    Brand: Morphy Richards

    Price: £23.98
  • Swan 2800W Cordless Steam Iron

    The Swan SI16410N Cord/Cordless Steam Iron is perfect for ironing and steaming clothing, with dry, steam and spray functionality for versatile textile care, complete with non-stick ceramic soleplates to protect your clothing and offer smooth, effortless ironing. 2800W power Cord/cordless options 300ML water capacity Dry, steam and spray functionality Ceramic non-stick soleplates

    Brand: Swan

    Price: £41.98
  • Morphy Richards Easy Fill Steam Iron 2400W with 350ml Water Tank Capacity and 2.5m Cable

    Easy Fill Spout 350ml Water tank capacity 2.5m cable 130g steam shot 2400W Model 300282

    Brand: Morphy Richards

    Price: £23.98
  • Russell Hobbs Ultra Steam Pro Iron 2600W 155/45G with Anti Drip and Ceramic Non-stick Soleplate

    Designed to remove even the most stubborn creases, the Ultra Steam Pro glides smoothly along fabrics without sticking or marking. This versatile multi function iron can also be used as a vertical steamer for hanging garments. Anti-drip Ceramic non-stick soleplate Anti Calc 3m power cord 2600 Watts 45g continuous steam / 155g shots of steam

    Brand: Russell Hobbs

    Price: £31.98
  • Daewoo 2400W Steam Station Iron 1.2L

    This Daewoo Steam Station Iron has a large 1.2L capacity so you can get through your ironing pile in no time. With a ceramic coated soleplate, this iron will glide easily over your clothing and also prevent your clothes from sticking and burning the iron. Boasting a high steam rate output of 40-60G per minute you will have no problem smoothing out creases and wrinkles from your clothing, plus you can adjust the temperature using the dial. The steam station has an inbuilt anti-calcium function that helps prolong the life of your iron and element by protecting it from scale build up and damage. 1.2L capacity Detachable water tank Non-stick ceramic coating soleplate Temperature dial for different materials Continuous steam Anti-calcium function Steam rate of 40-60G per minute

    Brand: Daewoo

    Price: £43.98
  • Tefal Liberty 2200W Steam Generation Iron

    The Tefal steam generation iron targets through creases with the 2200W performance. The adjustable temperature and variable steam controls allow you to tailor the temperature and steam output to different fabrics, from soft silks through to thick cottons. The Tefal steam iron is designed for faster and easier ironing, with 120g/min continuous steam and a 350g/min steam boost, working quicker than a traditional steam iron, creating results in no time. Capacity: 1.5 Litre Detachable water tank 6 bar pressure Variable steam functions Safety lock system Auto shut-off feature 2200W 2 minute heat up time 1.6m power cord

    Brand: Tefal

    Price: £83.98
  • Tower Steam Generator Silver Soleplate Electrical Iron. 2700W.

    Glide through your ironing with ease with this powerful 2700W steam iron, the ideal solution for smoothing out creases easily and efficiently. The non-stick soleplate glides over fabrics for a silky smooth finish, removing even the toughest of creases, while the temperature control and variable steam settings allow you to tailor the temperature to suit a range of different fabrics, from soft silks to thick cottons. A vertical steam functionality is also included, making this iron ideal for bedding and curtains, while the extra-large 1.5 litre tank minimizes the need for refills. Rapidly remove tough creases with a powerful 2700 W, three bar pressure and 100 g/minute steam output Ceramic soleplate for a smoother and easier glide Extra-large removable 1.5 litre tank Vertical steam function ideal for bedding and curtains Adjustable thermostat allows for precise temperature control, 3 years guarantee Model T22006

    Brand: Tower

    Price: £63.98
  • Garmin Quest 3000W Ceramic Electrical Steam Iron in Grey

    The 3000W Ceramic Steam Iron can provide you with a super hot ceramic iron - Steam Iron will get hot enough to iron even the most wrinkled of clothes. The Special safe Auto shut off mode, closes down power if unused. Also has Continuous Steam/Dry iron/Steam Iron/Vertical Steam, meaning ironing has never been easier. With the Self cleaning, anti-calcium and anti-drip funtctions - Self cleaning function keeps your iron/clothes in great condition. This iron can heat up quickly in 40 seconds! Our Adjustable Temperature controller also ensures quick even heating, and can easily be adjusted to whatever clothing type you are ironing. With our special non-stick sole plate design will ensure a smooth ironing experience, and that your clothes remain in the best possible condition. Volume Capacity 1.5 litres 40 Second Heat up time Power / Wattage 3000 watts Item Weight 1.68 Kg Product Dimensions 31 x 13 x 16 cm Colour Purple and white

    Brand: Garmin

    Price: £28.98
  • Garmin Quest 2400W Cordless Electrical Steam Iron. Colour: Black

    This cordless steam iron will free you from the limitations of corded ironing. Lightweight and easy to use this frees the iron to move as you need it to help iron out those awkward wrinkles. Stainless steel flat heating plate Sleek design Safe automatic power turn-off 2400w

    Brand: Garmin

    Price: £23.98
  • Tower 2400W Rose Gold Cordless Iron

    The Tower Ceraglide 2-in-1 Rose Gold & Black Iron is a stylish cord/cordless iron which comes complete with built-in non-stick ceramic soleplates, removing all creases from your clothing with the extra protection of an anti-scale and anti-calc design. Cord and cordless options Non-stick ceramic soleplate Anti-scale & anti-calc Rose gold and black design

    Brand: Tower

    Price: £31.98
  • Tower T22013 CeraGlide Ultra Speed Steam Iron 3100W

    Glide through your ironing pile with the CeraGlide ultra speed ironing performance of this blush pink iron. With a 3100 W performance that can be adjusted to varying temperatures for different fabrics, the sole plate delivers CeraGlide ceramic technology to make quick work of tough creases whilst remaining gentle on your linens. 3100W variable steam function with spray Adjustable Thermostat Control Soft touch ergonomic handle Ceramic soleplate Powerful burst steam and vertical steam function Dry ironing function Anti-calc function and anti-drip function 360ml water tank 25g/minute steam burst

    Brand: Tower

    Price: £33.98
  • Lewis's 2400W Steam Generator Lightweight Iron

    Great for tackling large loads of ironing and tough wrinkles. Providing a much higher steam output than conventional irons, the added moisture and steam heats up the iron quicker and gets rid of tough wrinkles in shorter space of time. Powered by 2400 watts of electricity, this stylish black and gold steam generator has integrated plug. Power output - 2400w Colour: Black and gold High output of steam Great for smoothing deep-set creases Suitable for all types of fabrics Anti-drip functionality Variable steam dial Lightweight Hand-held

    Brand: Lewis's

    Price: £48.98
  • Tower Towee 2 in 1 Cord/Cordless Electrical Steam Iron Colour: Purple

    Cordless or corded function 2400W Ceramic soleplate 120g continuous steam output 150g shot of steam Variable steam 360ml water tank Anti-drip Anti-calc Maximum Wattage: 2400 Model Id: T22008 Cordless: Yes Sole Material: Ceramic Drip Stop: Yes Lime-scale Prevention: Yes Vertical Steam Shot: Yes Steam Output in Grams per Minute: 120

    Brand: Tower

    Price: £25.98
  • Tower 2400W 1.8L CeraGlide Steam Generator Iron - Black and Purple

    The Tower CeraGlide steam generation iron target through creases with the 2400W performance. The durable Teflon coated soleplate glides effortlessly over fabrics to deliver seamlessly smooth and straight lines across a wide range of fabrics. The adjustable temperature and variable steam controls allow you to tailor the temperature and steam output to different fabrics, from soft silks through to thick cottons. The vertical precision option makes ironing your bedding and curtains hassle-free, along with a 3 bar steam pressure system and a continual steam setting that deliver an easy removal of deeply embedded creases. 2000-2400W 220-240V 3 bar steam pressure for easier removal of creases Large 1.8 Litre water tanks Adjustable thermostat control for best results Heating indicator light Ergonomic handle Teflon coated durable soleplate Continual steam and vertical precision options 360 degree cord connector 180cm cable length Item dimensions (approx) : H27 X W18 X D39 cm -

    Brand: Tower

    Price: £43.98
  • Morphy Richards Nicky Clarke Therapy Hair Dryer Diamond Shine

    The Morphy Richards Breeze 300279 Steam Iron has a high wattage of 2400W. It's powerful and heats up fast so there's less waiting around for your iron to get to the right temperature. You can start powering through the creases in your clothes without delay. Breeze through creases Iron with ease, thanks to the large steam shot from the iron's tip. Its design will help you crush creases in your ironing pile, from thin to thick materials, from underwear to outerwear and everything in between. 2400w 350ml capacity Steam output: 45 g/min with shot of steam Ceramic soleplate Temperature control

    Brand: Morphy Richards

    Price: £23.97