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  • Tower Presto 1L White Deep Fryer Temperature 80-190C Size H20.5 x W18.5 x D22cms

    This 1 litre Tower deep fat fryer has the capacity to fry up to 350g of ingredients, make it great for a single portion of homemade chips.The adjustable temperature control ranges between 80-190 degrees, providing more accurate and grate tasting results. The deep fat fryer also includes removable odour eliminating filter which helps maintain a fresh aroma after use. Its stainless steel basket features a detachable handle and is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. 1 Litre capacity Easy to use temperature control 80-190C Power on indicator lights Removable filter Non-slip feet H20.5 x W18.5 x D22cms Sleek white colour Dishwasher safe stainless steel basket with detachable handle

    Brand: Tower

    Price: £23.98
  • Swan 2.5L Square Deep Fat Fryer White with 4 Gear Temperature Control and Non Stick Inner Pan

    Enjoy healthier, reduced oil frying in your kitchen with the 2.5L square white fryer from iconic housewares manufacturer Swan. Featuring a large 2.5L capacity and four gear temperature functionality, this hand appliance is great, energy efficient way of preparing deep-fried food including chips, chicken, spring rolls, fish - the list is endless! A fixed oil container and cool-touch handles are included for safety during use and a non-stick pan ensures post-use clean ups are easy. 1800W 2.5L capacity Deep fat fryer Color white 4 gear temperature control Cool touch handles Saftey feature adjustable thermostat Non Stick Inner pan - easy to clean SD6080N

    Brand: Swan

    Price: £36.98
  • Swan 1800W 2.5L Black Square Deep Fat Fryer with 4 Temperature Controls

    1800W 2.5L capacity 4 gear temperature control Cool touch handles saftey feature Adjustable thermostat Non Stick Inner pan Easty to clean SD6080BLKN

    Brand: Swan

    Price: £36.98
  • Tower 3L 2000W Stainless Steel Fryer with Adjustable Thermostat and Removable Enamel Coated Cooking Pot

    The Tower 3L Stainless Steel fryer is a versatile kitchen fryer with enough capacity for up to 2 people. An adjustable thermostat offers temperatures up to 190 degrees. The fryer also features durable stainless steel housing, and an enamel coated pan for easy cleaning and maintainance. The stay cool handles and anti-slip feet saftey features give peace of mind when cooking at high temperatures. Powerful 2000W Generous 3L capacity Durable stainless steel Power on and ready to cook indicator lights Adjustable thermostat up to 190 degrees Viewing window to check progress Removable components for easy cleaning Removable enamel coated cooking pot

    Brand: Tower

    Price: £26.49
  • Swan 1.5L Stainless Steel Fryer 900W With Viewing Window Easy Clean Design and Adjustable Temperature Controls

    The Swan 1.5L Stainless Steel Fryer offers a deep, 1.5L capacity to hold plenty of food. Ideal for frying chips and other tasty treats, this fryer is complete with a viewing window and easy-wipe stainless steel surfaces to maintain the best hygiene possible. Cook your food to perfection with adjustable temperature settings. 1.5L Capacity Viewing window Easy-clean design Adjustable temperature controls 900W power output Detachable basket handle Fixed oil container Non-stick coating for easy cleaning Stainless steel housing

    Brand: Swan

    Price: £33.98
  • Daewoo 1400W Digital Airfryer with 5.5L Large Capacity and 60 Minute Timer (temperature range of 80-200C)

    This Daweoo Digital Airfryer has a large capacity of 5.5L and a temperature range of 80-200C. Equipped with a rapid air flow circulation system, this digital air fryer from Daewoo can help prepare healthier dishes with less oil. The clean and sleek design makes for a perfect for any kitchen . 5.5L Large Capacity Non-slip feet 60 minute timer Preset function Rapid air circulation temperature range of 80-200C 1400W

    Brand: Daewoo

    Price: £63.98
  • Daewoo Airfryer 3.5 Litre 1400W. Little or no oil. 80-200 degrees temperature

    A healthy way to enjoy chips, the air circulation system offers even heat distribution that cooks your food with up to 80% less fat. The Daewoo 3.6L 1400W Airfryer is a fast convenient and top quality cooking. Requires little or no oil for healthier meals 3.5L capacity 30 minute timer 1400W provides quick results 80-200 degrees temperature range Dishwasher safe parts

    Brand: Daewoo

    Price: £43.98
  • Tower Vortex 22L Manual Airfryer Oven

    For a healthier way to cook everyday using little to no fat, the Tower Vortex manual airfryer's hot air circulation created an enhanced airflow to crisp up your dinner. An easy and quick way to cook your family's vegetables, chicken and chips! The airfryer features automatic shut off function and includes 2 air flow racks so you can cook multiple types of food. Model: T17058 1600W Capacity: 22 L Healthy no oil cooking 60 minute timer Includes 2 air flow racks Heat-resistant tempered glass Automatic shut off function Manual dials to easily adjust timer and temperature

    Brand: Tower

    Price: £133.98