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  • Breville VDF100 3L Deep Fat Fryer - Stainless Steel

    . Deep fat fryer with a 3L oil capacity 1kg food capacity in a stainless steel finish and black plastic lid. Cool zone area dishwasher safe and removable parts.Revolutionise dinner time by bringing back those traditional family favourites fried up to perfection. From crispy fried cod to delicious golden chunky chips; all those pub grub classics can be freshly fried up for the family dinner table. Quick simple and powerful the Stainless Steel 3L Oil 1kg Food Deep Fat Fryer is perfect for those bored of oven chips and uninspired by flavour-free onion rings.The large capacity of the Stainless Steel 3l Oil 1Kg Food Deep Fat Fryer lends it perfectly to families with big appetites. And the quick heat action of the fryer ensures minimal waiting around ideal when everyone's gathered around the dinner table impatiently awaiting a delicious treat or two.Although the Stainless Steel 3l Oil 1Kg Food Deep Fat Fryer offers professional results you don't need any chef experience to maximise its potential. At Breville they understand the importance of family time so have built the fryer to minimise time spent in the kitchen and maximise the time spent enjoying the fruits of your labour.The clear control panel positioned at the rear of the of the deep fat fryer makes operating the appliance a breeze. Thanks to the clear power and temperature indicators; timing couldn't be easier ensuring perfectly fried foods time and again.Cleaning the Stainless Steel 3L Oil 1kg Food Deep Fat Fryer could not be easier thanks to the removable enamel bowl and the simplified disassembly. What's more this will help you keep your deep fat fryer looking its best perfect for an appliance which will spend more time on the kitchen work surface and less time in the cupboards. Key Features . Removable immersed heating elementVariable temperature controlPower and temperature indicatorsCoolZone area3L oil capacity1kg food capacityDishwasher safe parts. .

    Brand: Breville

    Price: £40.96
  • Breville Deep Fat Fryer - Silver

    The Stainless Steel 3L&#44 1Kg deep fat fryer.Features:• 3000W• Removable&#44 immersed heating element• Variable temperature control• Power and temperature indicators• CoolZone area

    Brand: Breville

    Price: £44.98
  • Swan 3 Litre Deep Fat Fryer Stainless Steel

    The Swan 3 Litre Stainless Steel Deep Fat Fryer SD6040N, enables quick and easy frying at home. Features 3L oil capacity, 1kg food capacity, variable temperature control, viewing window, cool touch handle, indicator lights, safety cut out and over heat protection. 2kW. H.27.5 x D.24.5 x W43.5cm. 2.5kg.

    Brand: Swan

    Price: £48.98
  • Tefal Easy Pro Deep Fryer FR333040 Fryer - Silver

    Tefal Easy Pro Deep Fryer FR333040 Fryer in Silver

    Brand: Tefal

    Price: £52
  • Royal Catering Fryer Basket - 8 Litres RCEF-08 ALL MODELS

    Fryer Basket - 8 Litres This basket is suitable for following models: Dimensions: x x cm Basket out of high-grade steel Resistant fixation Basket and handle are usable separately Easy assembly and cleaning

    Brand: Royal Catering

    Price: £59
  • Ninja AG301UK 5.7L Foodi Health Grill & Air Fryer

    5 Cooking Programmes: Grill, Air Fry, Roast, Bake & Dehydrate Removable Dishwasher Safe Pan What’s In The Box: 1 x 5.7L Ceramic-Coated Cooking Pot, 1 x 3.8L Ceramic-Coated Crisper Basket, 1 x 560cm2 Ceramic-Coated Grill Plate, 1 x Splatter Guard, 1 x Cleaning Brush with Scraper

    Brand: Ninja

    Price: £179
  • AirWave Low Fat Air Fryer T14001

    Make healthy eating simple with the Halogen Low Fat Air Fryer from Tower. Bake, grill, roast or fry - all with up to 80 percent less fat. More efficient than conventional cookers, the triple cooking power of halogen, convection and infrared allows for heat distribution while the 17 litre capacity allows you to cook on a larger scale, perfect for family meals. You can even enjoy crispy chips, onion rings and other traditionally deep fried items thanks to the innovative basket insert that keeps your food from sticking to the bottom of the appliance and helps air circulation.


    Price: £53.48
  • Philips Airfryer XXL HD9650/99

    Airfryer XXL - 6 portions

    Brand: Philips

    Price: £277.99
  • EGL Compact Deep Fat Fryer - White

    Cook up a storm with this Compact Deep Fat Fryer!Features:• 0.9 litre capacity• Easy to use• Adjustable temperature control• 80-190°C• Power on indicator lights• Transparent window• Non-slip feet• 12 months manufacturer guarantee as standard

    Brand: EGL

    Price: £21.98
  • Tefal Mini Deep Fat Fryer - Silver

    Features:• Oil capacity: 1 litre• Food capacity: 600g• Power: 1000W• Cooking lid with window• Adjustable thermostat2 year warranty.

    Brand: Tefal

    Price: £49.98
  • Swan 1.5Litre Deep Fat Fryer Stainless Steel

    The 1.5L Stainless Steel Fryer from iconic designer Swan is compact and perfect for frying up chips, chicken nuggets or onion rings, simple and delicious. Control the temperature of your fried up perfection with the adjustable thermostat, ensuring your food is cooked through and just how you like it. The indicator light will let you know when you're good to go.Frying has never been easier as this modern fryer comes with a non-stick coating for easy cleaning, you won't need to worry about scrubbing at sticky oil or tackling tough dirt. No fuss and no mess whenever you fancy some crispy chips.

    Brand: Swan

    Price: £38.98
  • VonShef 3 Litre Deep Fat Fryer - Silver

    • 3 litre• Easy to use adjustable temperature control• Indicator lights• Viewing window• Non stick removable basket• Easy clean• Non slip feet

    Brand: VonShefVonshef

    Price: £57.98
  • Kalorik 3L Deep Fat Fryer - Black

    Specification: • 3 Litre capacity • Adjustable temperature control up to 190C • Manual temperature and timer control• 30 minute timer • Ready and power indicator lights • Stainless steel housing and lid• Enamelled oil pan• Dishwasher safe lid with large window• Basket with insulated handle

    Brand: Kalorik

    Price: £79.98
  • Russell Hobbs Maxi Deep 24570 Fryer - Black

    Russell Hobbs Maxi Deep 24570 Fryer in Black

    Brand: Russell Hobbs

    Price: £30
  • Swan 1.5 Litre Deep Fat Fryer - Stainless Steel - Silver

    Enjoy crispy&#44 deep fried foods cooked to perfection every time with the 1.5 Litre Stainless Steel Fryer from Swan. With a fixed oil container the 1.5 litre fryer is thermostatically temperature controlled making sure that your food is perfectly cooked through. With a detachable basket handle&#44 you can safely and easily lower your food into the hot oil&#44 while the basket means that you can fry anything from crispy chips to succulent chicken through to smaller items such as onion rings or pieces of fish. The fryer also features a non-stick coating on the pan for easy cleaning.Features:• 1.5 Litre capacity • Adjustable thermostat with indicator light • Detachable basket handle • Fixed oil container • Non stick coating for easy cleaning • Stainless steel housing • 900W• 2 Year Guarantee

    Brand: Swan

    Price: £34.98
  • Swan 3 Litre Deep Fat Fryer - Silver

    Features:• 3 litre oil capacity• 1kg food capacity• Removeable/washable bowl and basket• Variable temperature control up to 190ºC• Viewing window• Stainless stell outer body• Non-slip feetUp to 2 year manufacturer's guarantee.

    Brand: Swan

    Price: £49.98
  • Tower 2 Litre Deep Fat Fryer - Black

    Your Tower 2.0 Litre Deep Fryer delivers perfect thermostatically controlled frying every time. Use it to cook crispy fries&#44 shrimps&#44 chicken&#44 onion rings and more plus&#44 save money on oil as the appliance uses far less than with a traditional fryer. The removable lid has an odour filter to cut down on kitchen smells and the non-stick pan makes cleaning easy. Features:• Adjustable thermostat • Multi-function handle with lifting system • Removable lid with odour filter • Basket can be raised and lowered when the lid is down • Large observation window • Safety interlock and auto open • Non stick pan for easy cleaning • Indicator light• 3 year guarantee (when registered)

    Brand: Tower

    Price: £44.98
  • Tower Dual Basket 6L Deep Fryer - Silver

    Create fried family favourites with ease using the Dual Deep Fryer. 2 x 3 litre baskets are ideal for cooking for family and friends whilst the independent heating elements with variable temperature control makes it ideal for cooking fried family favourites in absolute ease. Power and cooking indicator lights with built-in cord storage offer a wealth of convenience whilst cool touch handles keep your safety in mind. What's more&#44 the odour filter captures unpleasant cooking smells&#44 preventing them from lingering in your home. Removable enamel inner pots with dishwasher safe basket and handles enable an easy clean after use&#44 making this Dual Deep Fryer a practical addition to your kitchen.• 2 x 3L stainless steel baskets• 2 x independent heating elements and thermostats• Brushed stainless steel housing / Stainless steel lid• Variable temperature control - up to 190 degrees• Power and cooking indicator...

    Brand: Tower

    Price: £104.98
  • Breville 2 Litre Digital Deep Fat Fryer - White

    • Easy clean digital fryer • 2 Litre oil and 1 kg food capacity • Variable temperature control with power on and ready indicators • Digital timer with sound alert • Rise and fall basket allows oil to drain easily from food

    Brand: Breville

    Price: £64.98
  • VonShef 2.5 Litre Deep Fat Fryer - Black

    • VonShef 2.5L deep fat fryer with observation window• 1800W• Adjustable temperature control• Removable basket for easy cleaning

    Brand: VonShefVonshef

    Price: £49.98