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Philips RQ1095 Electric Shavers

Philips RQ1095 Electric Shavers
The Philips RQ1095 Electric Shaver with the Jet Clean System, Flex Pivot Action, and LED display offers the precision of an electric shaver while allowing the owner to clean the product quickly and effectively. This Philips Shaver charges in one hour, providing up to 21 days of shaving, or 90 minutes of total time. When a user does not have time to fully charge the Philips Electric Shaver, plugging it in for three to five minutes will provide sufficient power for one use. The Philips RQ1095 Electric Shaver also alerts its owner when there are five minutes of power remaining and indicates when the electric shaver must be cleaned, which can easily be accomplished using the Jet Clean system or by simply placing the shaver under running water. For those on the go, the Philips Shaver has a lock feature which prevents the device from turning on and depleting its battery during travel. The Philips RQ1095 Electric Shaver is compact and light while providing a full complement of tools for personal grooming. The Philips Electric Shaver distinguishes itself with Flex Pivot Action, which provides consistent results using three separate shaving heads that rotate and adjust the contours of a user’s face. The Super Lift and Cut feature of the Philips Shaver ensures a close cut and its Triple Track shaving heads cover more area than standard single-track heads.

Product Rating: 4.50

Range: £259.25 - £259.25

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