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Wahl Balding Hair Trimmer

Wahl Balding Hair Trimmer
The Wahl Balding Hair Trimmer is a single-cut hair clipper that enables close shaves without the use of water and shaving foam. Full-head balding and elegant fades between bare skin and bristly areas are made easy by the Wahl hair trimmer. The single-cut hair clipper comes with a set of surgical-precision blades and brushes for pre- and post-shave cleaning. Powered by a V5000 motor that cuts the toughest hair, the Wahl hair trimmer performs about twice as fast as pivot-motor trimmers. You can choose uniform hair lengths of 1.5 mm and 4.5 mm with the barber???s combs that come with the Wahl Balding Hair Trimmer.

Product Rating: 4.76

Range: £55.35 - £55.35

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