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  • Lego Friends 41126 Heartlake Riding Club

    Brand: Lego

    Pieces: 575ATTENTION!Not suitable for children under 3 years. Choking hazard. Small parts.

    Price: £62.65
  • Carrera RC 2,4 GHz 370180116 1:18 Silver Wheeler

    Brand: Carrera

    The 1:18 scale Carrera RC Silver Wheeler has no concept of 'obstacles'. At a top speed of 12 km/h the offroad beast powers past all comers in every race situation. Full function steering ensures a secure and controlled ride around every corner and on the toughest terrain. Thanks to the 2.4 GHz-technology,

    Price: £45.28
  • Lego City 60139 Mobile Command Center

    Brand: Lego

    LEGO® City 60139 Mobile Command CenterStop the Mobile Command Center and let the police dog off the leash! With the help of a accomplice, the gangster is trying to escape from the jail cell in the Mobile Command Center. Attach the hook and chain to the jail cell door and speed up to break open the cell with

    Price: £44.68
  • Lego Architecture 21034 London

    Brand: Lego

    LEGO® Architecture 21034 London -This fabulous set combines all iconic buildings of London National Gallery, Nelson's Column, London Eye, Big Ben (official name: Elizabeth Tower) and the Tower Bridge to one awe-inspiring skyline -Enjoy a great building experience with true-to-life colours and true-to-scale

    Price: £43.04
  • Schleich Horse Club 41432 Miniature Shetland Pony Family

    Brand: Schleich

    There's a new addition to the Miniature Shetland Pony family! The newborn foal's ungainliness makes everyone at the stables laugh. When the groom fills a feeding box with crunchy apples, the foal comes right over and curiously investigates it with its muzzle. Meanwhile, the stallion and the mare have started

    Price: £27.23
  • Schleich bayala 70524 Rainbow Unicorn, Mare

    Brand: Schleich

    In the light of the morning sun, the manes of the rainbow unicorns gleam in all the colours of the rainbow. Their flanks are adorned with colourful gemstones. The shy, noble creatures are shrouded in mystery, because travellers only rarely get a glimpse of them.It is said that rainbow unicorns can perform

    Price: £27.23
  • Zapf Baby Annabell New

    Brand: Zapf

    WARNING!Not suitable for children under 3 years. Choking hazard. Small parts.

    Price: £57.52
  • Lego Star Wars 75147 Star Scavenger

    Brand: Lego

    ATTENTION!Not suitable for children under 3 years. Choking hazard. Small parts.

    Price: £58.76
  • Carrera RC 2,4 GHz 370142026 1:14 Ford F-150 Raptor blue

    Brand: Carrera

    Despite its tough exterior, the Carrera RC Ford F-150 Raptor blue is an intelligent powerhouse that can be manoeuvred with tremendous skill. No wonder it's the sporting flagship of Ford's F-150 series. It flies past all obstacles at up to 18 km/h for around 40 minutes due to the use of Digital Proportional

    Price: £71.65
  • Lego DUPLO 10836 My Town Town Square

    Brand: Lego

    LEGO® DUPLO® 10836 Town SquarePlay real-life scenarios with LEGO® DUPLO® My Town - a recognisable world with modern DUPLO® figures. There is a lot to discover and to do for your children in Town Square. Turn the gearwheels so the mechanic can repair the car. There is fresh food at the bakery and the

    Price: £59.22
  • Schleich Wild Life 14756 Kangaroo

    Brand: Schleich

    The word "kangaroo" comes from the language of the Aborigines, Australia's indigenous people. It basically means "I don't understand", which was the answer given to British navigator James Cook when he asked what the animal was. What a misunderstanding! These marsupials have a kind of rubber band in their

    Price: £21.58
  • Schleich Wild Life 14778 Green Anaconda

    Brand: Schleich

    Anacondas are among the longest and heaviest snakes in the world. One exceptionally large anaconda was verified by scientists to be 6.95 metres long and to weigh 97.5 kg. Anacondas aren't venomous snakes, but constrictors. They wrap themselves tightly around their prey until it suffocates. Fun fact:Anacondas

    Price: £20.95
  • Carrera GO!!! 64053 Ferrari 458 Italia GT2 AF Corse, No.51

    Brand: Carrera

    Victory guaranteedThis streamlined Ferrari is a genuine racer. There's no clutch, so the gears are switched almost once a second. The Ferrari 458 Italia GT2 bearing the race number 51 guarantees a great result every time. The 1:43 scale Carrera GO!!! Ferrari 458 Italia GT2 slotcar "AF Corse, No.51" is a

    Price: £29.84
  • Lego Friends 41311 Heartlake Pizzeria

    Brand: Lego

    LEGO® Friends 41311 Heartlake Pizzeria -Help Emma and Oliver with baking and serving fresh and tasty pizzas in the popular Heartlake Pizzeria. Take the pizzas upstairs to the romantic balcony. Oliver has to deliver some pizzas. So get on the scooter and deliver pizzas in Heartlake City. The set contains the

    Price: £38.31
  • Lego DUPLO 10845 My First Carousel

    Brand: Lego

    LEGO® DUPLO® 10845 My First CarouselShow your little ones the basic cause and effect principles by using the big LEGO® DUPLO® bricks to build a turning carousel. Children learn to turn the top of the carousel and can then observe the spinning seats and gearwheels. Three DUPLO® child figures and decorated

    Price: £34.67
  • Lego Star Wars 75169 Duel on Naboo

    Brand: Lego

    LEGO® Star Wars 75169 Duel on Naboo -Master Qui-Gon has cornered evil Darth Maul at the Naboo power generator. Now he needs you to help him fight that evil villian -If you fall into the generator core, you can activate the catapult function to jump back out -If evil Maul is too strong, you can push the lever

    Price: £38.3
  • Lego Creator 31062 Robo Explorer

    Brand: Lego

    LEGO® Creator 31062 Robo ExplorerGet to know the friendly Robo Explorer. He has a big head, big green eyes and an azure, black and grey colour scheme. Move his arms, head and body and let him roll on his tracks. Then activate his cool searchlight in his right hand and use his gripper hand to carry objects.

    Price: £29.63
  • Lego Speed Champions 75881 2016 Ford GT & 1966 Ford GT40

    Brand: Lego

    LEGO® Speed Champions 75881 Speed 2016 Ford GT & 1966 Ford GT40 -Includes three minifigures: a 2016 Ford GT racing driver, a 1966 Ford GT40 racing driver, and a race marshal -The race-ready, buildable 2016 Ford GT racing driver and 1966 Ford GT40 cars each feature a minifigure cockpit, wheels with rubber

    Price: £42.04
  • Schleich Farm World 13833 Tennessee Walker Mare

    Brand: Schleich

    Tennessee Walker horses have unusually long and flat hooves. They are not fitted with horseshoes and are not trimmed. This favours their typical gaits, flat walk (accelerated pace), running walk (running pace) and canter (soft gallop).Fun fact:The Tennessee Walker is a master of the walk. It resembles the

    Price: £22.58
  • Schleich Dinosaurs 14581 Brachiosaurus

    Brand: Schleich

    Brachiosaurus translated means "arm lizard". It acquired the name, because its front legs were significantly longer than its hind legs. As such, its long neck pointed automatically upwards and it could eat taller plants with less effort.Fun fact:Brachiosaurus had a very flexible neck that could measure up to

    Price: £29.95