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  • Remington XR1330 HyperFlex Shaver

    Brand: Remington

    The HyperFlex shaver from Remington is specially designed for closer, more efficient shaving. Its new and improved pivoting and flexing head follows the contours of the face to get even the most stubborn stubble without catching the skin. It has improved cutter technology for a more comfortable shave, wet or

    Price: £64.99
  • Smj Shaver Adaptor

    Brand: Smj

    The Basix Shaver Adaptor converts a normal three-pin socket outlet to a two-pin shaving socket, enabling you to use a shaver or toothbrush battery recharger in places that do not have a two-pin socket. The maximum load must not exceed 240 W, which is ample for shaving, and the Basix Shaver Adaptor is fitted

    Price: £5.99
  • Dexam Sleeknsharp Small Shaver

    Brand: Dexam

    Sleeknsharp Small Shaver

    Price: £9.85
  • Braun Cool Tec Shaver CT2CC

    Brand: Braun

    Braun?s CoolTec is a revolutionary new dry shaver that has the power to take the heat out of shaving and put shaving irritation on ice. This power, on top of the stylish design and thoughtful engineering you?d expect from Braun, makes CoolTec quite possibly the most technologically advanced dry shaver in the

    Price: £229.99
  • Lady Shaver - Two


    Featuring stainless steel blades, this battery operated Lady Shaver is suitable for both wet or dry use and comes with bikini line trimmer

    Price: £15.98
  • Philips Hq6925 Shaver

    Brand: Philips

    Philips Hq6925 Shaver

    Price: £41
  • Shaver Accessories Braun Foil & Cutter For Freeglider Shavers

    Brand: Shaver Accessories

    Fits the following models: 6680, 6620, 6610

    Price: £29.95
  • Shaver-Parts Universal Replacement Shaving Head for Philips Pack of 3 Original No.: HQ8/HQ9/HQ177

    Brand: Shaver-Parts

    New product, premium Quality with double ring heads and concave grooves for better shaving performance. Alternative Shaving Heads which fits in Philips / Norelco Rotary shavers. Dual Ring Foil with cutter in Set of 3. Suitable replacement for: HQ8 or HQ9 or HQ177. Fits also in: Remington (Izumi) models:

    Price: £22.95
  • Silk'n SensEpil XL 65,000 - Remove unwanted body hair permanently


    Reduce unwanted body and facial hair growth with the new Silk'n SensEpil XL 65,000 flashes. Simply plug in and go!

    Price: £444.99
  • Lexington International HairMax LaserComb Professional 12 - Hair Growth Laser

    Brand: Lexington International

    HairMax LaserComb Professional 12 helps to prevent hair loss and revive your hair follicles using safe laser light energy. To be used 3X a week.

    Price: £375
  • Mega Value Mega Remington Pro Power Clipper

    Brand: Mega Value

    Remington Pro Power Hair and Beard Clipper Maintain your style effortlessly with this Remington Pro Power Hair and Beard Clipper, for use on all hair types, whether wet or dry. Self-sharpening blades, usable cordlessly or with a flexible cord, with adjustable combs, advanced steel blades and up to 40 minutes

    Price: £19.99
  • Philips PQ203/17 Mobile Shaver

    Brand: Philips

    This Philips PQ203/17 mobile shaver combines a close cut shaving system with independently floating heads. It cleverly adjusts to every curve of your face and neck ensuring a close, smooth shave. Self-sharpening blades provide an efficient shave and last for up to two years. Thanks to a cordless power system,

    Price: £15.49
  • Philips PT720/17 PowerTouch Shaver

    Brand: Philips

    The dual-blade Super Lift & Cut shaving system on the Philips PT720/17 PowerTouch makes for a comfortable close shave. Its Dynamic contour response even adjusts expertly to your face and neck curves. Thanks to the QuickRinse system the shaver is easily cleaned when you're done - just hold under a running

    Price: £46.49
  • Philips RQ1197/22 SensoTouch Shaver

    Brand: Philips

    The SensoTouch electric shaver comes with everything you’ll need for the perfect wet or dry shave. The GyroFlex 2D contour-following system of the shaver adjusts easily to the curves of your face, minimising pressure and irritation for a close shave. DualPrecision shaving heads have slots to shave the normal

    Price: £140
  • Philips AT899/16 Aquatouch Shaver

    Brand: Philips

    Thanks to the Philips AT899/16 Aquatouch Shaver you can now enjoy a refreshing shave without worrying about damaging your skin. The Aquatec seal ensures a comfortable dry shave and a refreshing wet shave. Use it wet with shaving gel or foam for enhanced skin comfort. Rounded low-friction protection heads

    Price: £43.49
  • Braun °CoolTec CT2s Shaver

    Brand: Braun

    The °CoolTec CT2s is a revolutionary new dry shaver that has the power to take the heat out of shaving and put shaving irritation on ice. This power, combined with stylish design and thoughtful engineering makes °CoolTec a technologically advanced dry shaver, delivering outstanding shaving performance for men

    Price: £100
  • Philips S5130/06 Dry Electric Shaver, Grey / Red

    Brand: Philips

    The Philips S5130/06 dry shaver adds speed to your morning routine with a fast, MultiPrecision Blade System and fully washable heads. Multiprecision system Get a shave that's fast and close with the MultiPrecision Blade System. It works to raise and cut all hairs and remaining stubble in just a few strokes.

    Price: £69.95
  • Philips S5400/06 Aquatouch Electric Shaver, Blue / Grey

    Brand: Philips

    The Philips S5400/06 Aquatouch is an advanced design shaver that will add speed to your morning. This shaver offers and exceptionally close and fast shave. With the Rounded profile of the heads designed to protect your skin, you can get a comfortable dry or refreshing wet shave with Aquatec Blades that raise

    Price: £79.95
  • Philips S5600/41 Aquatouch Electric Shaver, Blue

    Brand: Philips

    The Philips S5600/41 Aquatouch is an advanced design shaver that will add speed to your morning thanks to the multi-precision blade system and up to 50 minutes of shave time per charge. With the Skin Protection System and Aquatec Wet and Dry, the shaver offers great flexibility. Great features The S5600/41

    Price: £84.99