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  • Remington PF7400 Foil Shaver

    Brand: Remington

    Remington Comfort Series combines style and performance with superior design and handling, delivering cutting performance consumers rely on. Model number: PF7400. Men's shaver features: Flex and Pivot Technology to ensure the Dual Foil trimmers closely hug the contours of the face and an intercept trimmer to

    Price: £34.99
  • Philips shaver - rq1251cc

    Brand: Philips

    philips shaver - rq1251cc

    Price: £195.1
  • Braun Series 5 Wet & Dry Male Shaver

    Brand: Braun

    Series 5 is equipped with a unique combination of power and precision for uncompromising performance without sacrificing on skin comfort. While the FlexMotionTec delivers significantly more skin contact in problem areas for efficient shaving with less skin pressure, the PowerDrive supplies 20% more motor

    Price: £170.99
  • Shaver-Parts Unisversal Replacement Shaving Head for Philips Pack of 3 Original No.: HQ3/4/5/55/56/6

    Brand: Shaver-Parts

    Alternative Shaving Heads which fits in Philips / Norelco Rotary shavers. Dual Ring Foil with cutter in Set of 3. Suitable replacement for: HP1915*, HQ3, HQ4, HQ5, HQ55, HQ56 & HQ6. For Coolskin HQ67xx (HQ56xx) you need to buy different article from us. If you need HP1917 or HQ2 you need different article (2

    Price: £19.46
  • Shaver/ Toothbrush Adaptor Twin Pack.

    Brand: Shaver

    Shaver/Toothbrush Adaptor Twin Pack

    Price: £3.95
  • Philips S5130 Dry Electric Shaver with Precision Trimmer

    Brand: Philips

    The Shaver Series 5000 adds speed to your morning routine with a fast, MultiPrecision blade system and fully washable heads. It works to raise and cut all hairs and remaining stubble in just a few strokes. With the 5-direction Flex Heads with 5 independent movements, you can ensure close skin contact for a

    Price: £69.95
  • Remington XR1350 HyperFlex Electric Shaver

    Brand: Remington

    Trim even the most stubborn of stubbles with this Remington HyperFlex electric shaver featuring high quality cutter technology, it gives a great finish wet or dry. The innovative pivoting and flexing head follows the contours of your face giving a closer more efficient shave. It is the perfect tool for

    Price: £74.99
  • Remington AQ7 WetTech Electric Shaver

    Brand: Remington

    Not only saving time, but delivering a closer, smoother shave this Remington WetTech electric shaver is high performing and is extremely effective for wet or dry use. The 100% waterproof, improved flexing head follows the contours of your face, achieving a clean, smooth shave with minimum irritation. Model

    Price: £44
  • Remington XR1330 HyperFlex Electric Shaver

    Brand: Remington

    Delivering even better shaving performance this Remington Hyperflex electric shaver is tough on stubble yet gentle on the skin. With an innovative pivoting and flexing head which follows the contours of your face, it gives a closer more efficient shave and the advanced cutter technology allows for more

    Price: £64.99
  • Braun Series 1-130 Electric Shaver

    Brand: Braun

    This is the perfect shaver series from Braun for demanding beginners. The Braun Series 1-130 electric shaver features an ergonomic design and extra-wide shaver head. It has an ultra thin foil designed for a close shave and a slim precision head to shave close even in hard-to-reach areas. Model number: 130S.

    Price: £29.99
  • Philips S7370 Wet and Dry Electric Shaver for Sensitive Skin

    Brand: Philips

    The New Philips Shaver 7000 is a revolutionary new shaver dermatologically tested and specially designed for sensitive skin. It reduces skin irritation, redness and razor burns giving you a comfortable shave every day. With the Philips Shaver 7000 you can get a sharp clean shaven look every day with no

    Price: £124.99
  • Panasonic ESSl41-A511 Electric Shaver

    Brand: Panasonic

    The Panasonic ESSl41-A511 is a three blade shaver that is as easy to use as a disposable razor with no damage to the skin. Use it wet and dry for shower use and easy cleaning. The inner blades are sharpened to achieve an extremely fine blade tip edge of 0.3mm, providing a close shave every time. Model number:

    Price: £44.99
  • Philips S5320 Dry Precision Electric Shaver with Turbo Mode

    Brand: Philips

    The Shaver S5320 adds speed to your morning routine with a fast, MultiPrecision Blade System and fully washable heads. The turbo mode shaves even faster through dense parts of your beard. The 5 dimensional contour following and multi-precision blades give a close shave. Model number: s5320/06. Men's shaver

    Price: £84.99
  • Philips S5600 Wet and Dry Electric Shaver with Beard Trimmer

    Brand: Philips

    Designed to protect your skin - for a wet or dry shave with no nicks and cuts. Get 10x more protection than a regular blade using our Multiprecision blade system which has rounded profile heads which glide over the contours of your face, delivering a close yet comfortable shave, with every stroke. Model

    Price: £149.99
  • Remington R3150 Dual-X Rotary Shaver

    Brand: Remington

    Engineered for extreme precision, the Remington rotary shaver combines 'Flex and Pivot' technology with the new innovative Remington X-SYSTEM for an effortless, clean shave. The blades are positioned at the optimum angle to deliver a fast, close, smooth shave with no irritation. Model number: R3150. Men's

    Price: £29.99
  • Unbranded Bathroom Mirror with Shaver Point

    Brand: Unbranded

    An ultra modern and stylish mirror light with a flat and sleek design suitable for modern day bathrooms. The mirror features a shaver point and is suitable for bathroom zones 1, 2 and outside zones. Suitable for zones 1, 2 and outside zones. Size H50, W39, D5cm. IP rating 44. Requires wiring. Bulbs required 2

    Price: £73.94
  • Unbranded Bathroom Mirror with Shaver Point

    Brand: Unbranded

    Boasting a sleek flat design that is ideal for modern bathrooms, this 2-in-1 light features a frosted glass mirror and a convenient shaver point. Suitable for zone 2 and outside zones. Size H70, W50, D5cm. IP rating 44. Bulbs required 2 x 15W flourescent tube (included). EAN: 4328719.

    Price: £83.94
  • Panasonic ES-RT33-S511 Electric Shaver

    Brand: Panasonic

    The Panasonic ES-RT33-S511 shaver offers an exceptionally close, quick and comfortable shave whether on the run, or in the shower. The flexible multi-pivoting head adapts to the contours of your face by pivoting up and down as well as left and right, so you have an excellent shave regardless of the shape of

    Price: £49.99
  • Trevor Sorbie Stay Sharp Professional Dual Foil Shaver

    Brand: Trevor Sorbie

    Professionally inspired, Trevor Sorbie's Dual Foil Shaver is equipped with a high power motor that charges up quickly for convenience, and stainless steel blades to offer the most precise shave. Its 3x action cutting system means it can target everything from longer hairs to stubble, resulting in a closer

    Price: £53.94
  • Philips AquaTouch AT899 Wet and Dry Electric Shaver

    Brand: Philips

    The Phillips AT899 AquaTouch is ideal for men who want the closeness of a wet shave and the option of a quick dry shave. Incorporating Philips Aquatic seal, the unit is completely waterproof so it can be used in the shower with gel for enhanced skin comfort. Triple shaving heads flex to follow the facial

    Price: £49.99