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  • Seiko ER-3700 Electronic Oxford Crossword Solver

    Brand: Seiko

    The Seiko ER-3700 Electronic Oxford crossword solver is the perfect companion to aid you in defeating any of those tricky crossword clues, with big buttons and a large display making it easy to use. This handy compact crossword solver is packed full of thousands of words and synonyms and comes with 8

    Price: £33.94
  • Franklin Collins Franklin DMQ-221 Electronic Express Dictionary & Thesaurus

    Brand: Franklin Collins

    Whether you want help with your crossword, an instant spellchecker or to play a word game, the Franklin express dictionary is the perfect pocket companion. 118000 words. 500000 synonyms. 6 word games. Crossword solver. Anagram solver. Phonetic spell correction. 1 languages. Calculator and converter. LCD

    Price: £33.94