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  • Little Tikes Activity Walker Turtle 2-in-1


    The activity walker turtle will not only stimulate your baby to learn to walk, but can also turn into an activity centre. While seated, the baby can sort objects based on shape. The wheels can be set to restricted mode for limited speed. The activity walker is suitable for children aged 9 months to 3 years.

    Price: £55.05
  • Graco Baby Playmat Caterpillar Hedgerow

    Brand: Graco

    Graco Baby Playmat Caterpillar Hedgerow

    Price: £30.94
  • Fisher Price Think & Learn Code-a-pillar

    Brand: Fisher Price

    The Fisher Price Think & Learn Code-a-pillar inspires little learners to be big thinkers by engaging in hands-on, open-ended discovery that helps them become lifelong learners!This learning toy encourages experimentation while developing important skills like problem solving, planning & sequencing and

    Price: £55
  • Flensted Feline Mobile

    Brand: Flensted

    This mobile from Flensted holds 3 playful Cats. Carefully assembled and balanced then packed so it is ready to hang straight from the box.

    Price: £21
  • Little Tikes Ocean Explorers Dunk 'n Juggle Seal 638480


    This Ocean Explorers Dunk 'n Juggle Seal 638480 from Little Tikes helps your baby to develop fine motor skills, coordination and confidence while learning to sit, crawl, stand and walk. When your baby throws the ball into the hoop, the seal celebrates by clapping its fins and playing music as encouragement.

    Price: £39.33
  • Hape Double Rainbow Stacking E0406

    Brand: Hape

    The Double Rainbow Stacking Game E0406 from Hape has two shapes and nine colours, giving your little one the chance to create endless variations while stacking and sorting, which stimulates hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness. They can also create a colour pattern using only one shape. The toy has a

    Price: £32.91
  • Hape Barn Play E3015

    Brand: Hape

    The Barn Play E3015 from Hape is a colourful set that recreates farm life. Using this unique Hape Barn Play set you can create several scenes that will promote creative play and also teach your toddler about life on the countryside. It is suitable for children from 3 years and up.

    Price: £70.76
  • Little Tikes Tap-a-Tune Piano 627576


    Playing this Tap-a-Tune Piano 627576 from Little Tikes will be loads of fun and keep your baby entertained while introducing him or her tomusic. The toy piano is just the right size for little hands, and the colourful keys are easy to press. Babies will learn cause and effect, and begin to develop a sense of

    Price: £28.46
  • Little Tikes Tap-a-Tune Drum 627750


    This classic Tap-a-Tune Drum 627750 from Little Tikes helps toddlers take their first step into the world of music. The brightly coloured drum and drum sticks encourage kids to tap into their creative side and compose their own tunes. There are two ways to play with this musical toy: Basic Drum?by using the

    Price: £30.89
  • Hape Wonder Walker E0370

    Brand: Hape

    Hape's Wonder Walker E0370 has moveable knobs, gears, and colourful balls that make it an activity centre on wheels. It will help develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, and boost coordination, balance and strength. But above all, the walker encourages walking. Both the colours and the materials

    Price: £98.83
  • Beleduc Candy 22460

    Brand: beleduc

    The Beleduc Candy children's game will help your children to develop a variety of skills in a playful manner. The players throw three coloured dices and need to quickly find the sweet that matches the colour combination thrown. Three variations of playing determine the winner of the game. This game will help

    Price: £40.11
  • Hape Chef's Cooking Set E3137

    Brand: Hape

    This Hape chef's cooking set E3137 is suitable for children aged 3+. The basic utensils it contains are indispensable for small chefs! Imaginative play helps develop fine motor and social skills. This durable utensil set consists of 7 pieces. With this basic cooking set, your little chef will thrive in the

    Price: £34.71
  • Hape Shake and Match Shape Sorter E0407

    Brand: Hape

    The blocks in the Shake and Match Shape Sorter E0407 double as rattles as they are filled with colourful beads, so your little one's sense of hearing is also engaged while playing. This multifunctional shape sorter develops not only hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness, but also listening skills. You

    Price: £34.71
  • Little Tikes Rocking Horse Red


    This rocking horse is a classic toy, which will stimulate your children's imagination. It has a robust construction and is suitable for children aged 1 to 3.

    Price: £46.94
  • Hape Pound and Tap Bench E0305

    Brand: Hape

    The Pound and Tap Bench E0305 from Hape has colourful balls wedged above the xylophone, which your little one can release by pounding them with a hammer. This will send them rolling down the xylophone, producing sound. The xylophone can also be pulled out so the children play it directly. It helps develop an

    Price: £43.73
  • Hape Block & Roll E0371

    Brand: Hape

    The Hape's Block and Roll E0371 is a walker with a wide base and includes a collection of 24 colourful building blocks to dump, stack, sort or empty and fill again. The shape-sorting walker with colourful shapes will help develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, and boost coordination, balance and

    Price: £62.77
  • CHILDWOOD Rocking Scooter Blue and Black CWRSMB

    Brand: Childwood

    The colourful rocking scooter from CHILDWOOD, with a touch of Italian style, will be great to play with. The rocking scooter has long runners for stability so that your child can rock safely. The rocking scooter is suitable for children between 18 months and 3 years of age. Please be sure to never leave your

    Price: £66.99
  • Hape Jungle Play and Train Activity Table E3801

    Brand: Hape

    This jungle play and train activity table from Hape is really a good gift for kids to create inspiration and imagination. Adventure awaits kids on this knee-high table from the forest floor to the jungle canopy tree-tops! A jungle train winds its way through the underbush as monkeys and parrots leap and

    Price: £99.41
  • Vtech Toot-toot Drivers Racing Rampway

    Brand: VTech

    Vtech Toot-toot Drivers Racing Rampway

    Price: £22.99