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  • Lego Super Heroes 76087 Justice League Flying Fox Batmobile Airlift Attack

    Brand: Lego

    Steppenwolf is attacking Earth! With his army of parademons he's attempting to steal the Mother Box and conquer the universe. Join the Justice League as they attempt to stand in his way and save the day! Includes Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, 2 parademons, the Mother Box and a large Steppenwolf

    Price: £69.99
  • Lego Super Heroes Hulk V Red Hulk 76078

    Brand: Lego

    Watch your favourite Marvel superheroes battle it out against each other in the Lego Super Heroes Hulk V Red Hulk 76078. Pitch team Hulk against Red Hulk and watch the mayhem it unfolds; you can fit the characters into their vehicles and send them smashing into each other. Use the green team`s six-stud

    Price: £55
  • Lego Super Heroes 76084 The Ultimate Battle of Asgard

    Brand: Lego

    Thor, Bruce Banner and Valkyrie take on Hela, her Berserkers and the Fenris wolf in The Ultimate Battle for Asgard. Launch into the sky in the Commodore and fire the dual stud shooters at Fenris and the Berserkers, dropping Bruce Banner into the melee and pitting Thor in a Power Blast shootout against Hela to

    Price: £52.5
  • Lego Super Heroes 76086 Justice League Knightcrawler Tunnel Attack

    Brand: Lego

    Parademons have stolen the Mother Box and are making their escape through the tunnels of Stryker's Island! Batman and The Flash race to the scene in order to stop them... and it looks like Batman has brought reinforcements: his super-flexible and futuristic Nightcrawler vehicle. Includes Batman, The Flash, 2

    Price: £52.5
  • Lego Super Heroes 76085 Justice League Battle of Atlantis

    Brand: Lego

    A parademon has infiltrated Atlantis in order to steal the Mother Box. Only Aquaman and two of his Atlantean guards stand in the monster's way. Who will win in this epic battle of justice versus injustice? Perfect for fans of Aquaman and the Justice League, the Atlantis scene contains a grand arch which can

    Price: £17.5
  • Lego Super Heroes DC Comics Kryptonite Interception

    Brand: Lego

    Team up with DC Comics favourite Batman in a super mission at LexCorp in this action packed set from LEGO Super Heroes.   Take on the LexCorp henchmen and fire the Batmobile's stud shooters and swerve the forklift's flick missiles. Launch your attack with Batman's Batarang to explode the evil Kryptonite, it's

    Price: £28.5
  • Lego Super Heroes 76088 Thor vs Hulk Arena Clash

    Brand: Lego

    Pit Thor against Hulk in an epic Arena clash with this LEGO Super Heroes set. Dethrone Grandmaster with Hulk's huge hammer and axe or knock Loki off his seat with super-jumping Thor, making use of the swords and other weapons hidden in the arena wall to take on the the Sakaarian Guard. Includes 4 minifigures,

    Price: £53.49