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  • Tefal - FF153140 MaxiFry Family Fryer - White

    Brand: Tefal

    The Tefal MaxiFry Family Fryer in white has everything you need to make your own fried foods at home. With features such as a large 1kg capacity, handy viewing window and permanent odour filter as well as compact and easy to store design. 1.2kg food capacity. Oil capacity 2.1L...

    Price: £35.91
  • Tower T17005 Air Fryer - Black

    Brand: Tower

    The Health Fryer (T17005) from Tower is the perfect addition to any home looking to eat healthily, easily. Featuring 1350W of power and a 3.2 litre capacity, the Heath Fry offers fast and convenient frying and uses less energy than conventional fryers.The rapid air-circulate cooking system shaves precious

    Price: £55.49
  • Sage by Heston Blumenthal The Smart Fryer - Brushed Metal Finish (2200W)

    Brand: Sage

    The Smart Fryer from Sage by Heston Blumenthal is the first fryer that has technology to adjust time and temperature with 7 pre-set functions. The Smart fryer removes the guess work often associated with deep frying as it allows you to select what is being cooked and the fryer will deliver the optimal

    Price: £109.99
  • Tefal Fry Delight Air Fryer

    Brand: Tefal

    FX100040Handwash recommended Shop At House Of Fraser

    Price: £159.99
  • Tefal FR333040 3 Litre Pro Fry Professional Fryer.

    Brand: Tefal

    It has never been so easy to deep-fry like a pro; Easy Pro is a 3L semi-pro fryer with cool zone technology. With Easy Pro, you can cook up to 1.2 Kg of delicious French fries, just like a pro. It has an immersed heating element for fast and perfect results...

    Price: £48.94
  • Tefal AH980840 Actifry Smart Connect Fryer.

    Brand: Tefal

    HEALTHY FRYING SMART COOKING SMART GUARANTEE OF TASTY MEALS 200 recipes developed by chefs and more to come Dozens of smart cooking modes for best results THE EASIEST SMART COOKING EXPERIENCE Automatic transfer of cooking parameters from your application to your ActiFry Step by step cooking instructions. Live

    Price: £235.88
  • Tefal - FZ740041 ActiFry Fryer - White

    Brand: Tefal

    Thanks to Tefals ActiFry you can cook up to 1kg of healthy and delicious crispy chips with just a spoonful of oil. You can also cook curries, casseroles, stir-frys...

    Price: £113.94
  • Philips Viva Collection Air Fryer HD9621/91

    Brand: Philips

    Philips unique TurboStar technology allows you to fry with air 50% more evenly; to make healthier delicious food. Not just great for frying, the innovative Philips Airfryer also lets you grill, bake and even roast your favorite dishes for a one-stop solution for all of your meals. Fast...

    Price: £172.95
  • Tefal - FF123841 Maxi Fry Fryer - Black

    Brand: Tefal

    The Tefal Maxi Fry Fryer in stylish black has everything you need to make your own fried foods at home. With features such as a large 1kg capacity, handy viewing window and permanent odour filter as well as compact and easy to store design. 1kg food capacity. Oil capacity 1.8L...

    Price: £32.94
  • DeLonghi Traditional Fryer - White

    Brand: DeLonghi

    Available From: August 2016 Food capacity: 1.5 kg. Maximum oil capacity: 2.4 litres. Squared basket and bowl. Lid and basket dishwasher safe Viewing window to monitor cooking process with lid closed. Cool-touch walls thanks to air circulating between internal bowl and external walls...

    Price: £63.94
  • Tefal Pro Mini Fryer - Stainless Steel.

    Brand: Tefal

    Small. . . But has it all; MiniFryer is Tefals smallest fryer. . . And yet, it has it all; Prepare up to 600 g of chips, enough for 2 people, using only 1 litre of oil Save oil, time and even energy...

    Price: £44.45
  • Russell Hobbs - 19771 Essentials Pro Fryer - 3L - St/Steel

    Brand: Russell Hobbs

    This professional deep fat fryer from Russell Hobbs is made from stainless steel and has a food capacity of 1kg, its handy rectangular design fits well against most kitchen worktop surfaces and with a removable lid and bowl compartments its easy-to-clean after use. 1kg food capacity...

    Price: £33.94
  • DeLonghi Zone Fryer

    Brand: DeLonghi

    The fryer basket can be fastened to a higher position, to allow cooked food to be drained. Convenient front and rear sunken handles, to raise the fryer easily and safely. 1kg food capacity. Oil capacity 3L. Variable temperature from 150C to 190C. Mechanical timer. Removable bowl...

    Price: £58.94
  • Philips HD9230 Viva Digital Air Fryer

    Brand: Philips

    Cut the calories, keep the taste. Enjoy great tasting fried food with up to 80% less fat. Philips unique patented rapid air technology allows you to fry with air 50% more evenly; to make healthier delicious food. Not just great for frying the Philips Airfryer also lets you grill...

    Price: £183.94
  • Breville - VDF054 Deep Fat Fryer - Silver

    Brand: Breville

    The Breville VDF054 silver plastic deep fryer is packed with clever features such as an easy clean removable lid and filter, plus a rise and fall basket to easily drain excess oil. With a 2 litres oil capacity and 1kg food capacity...

    Price: £36.94
  • Premier Housewares Enamel Deep Fryer - Red.

    Brand: Premier housewares

    Whether its chips, chicken, donughts, fish or onions, the versatile and robust deep fryer, with basket and glass lid, will ensure you can enjoy a delicious meal. Features: 33cm pan. 5 litre capacity. Suitable for hob types gas, electric, . Dishwasher safe. General information:

    Price: £31.99
  • Breville - VDF108 Digital - Fryer - White

    Brand: Breville

    The Breville VDF108 deep fat fryer has a 1kg capacity and variable temperature to make a variety of tasty meals or delicious home-made chips. The rise and fall basket means oil can easily drain from food with the lid down to prevent splashing...

    Price: £53.94
  • Breville - VDF105 Halo+ and Health Fryer - White

    Brand: Breville

    Its so easy to make healthy, tasty food for your family with the Halo+. With only half a spoon of oil required for 1kg of chips, your family can have a treat without feeling guilty. You can also grill, saut; , bake and cook. Its the perfect companion to help create healthy...

    Price: £73.94
  • Russell Hobbs 24580 Digital Deep Fat Fryer- Stainless Steel

    Brand: Russell Hobbs

    Made from smooth stainless steel and complete with a stylish silver & black exterior, the Russell Hobbs Deep Fat Fryer is the perfect staple appliance for any kitchen. Capable of holding 1.2KG of food and complete with a handy digital timer, you can ensure food is always cooked to perfection...

    Price: £57.95
  • Tefal FR804040 Oleoclean Professional Fryer.

    Brand: Tefal

    Oleoclean, a unique and world patented technology This fryer is unique: it literally filters the oil by itself. Once your frying is done, turn off the appliance and turn the dial to automatic filtration. When the oil starts to cool down...

    Price: £103.94