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  • Panasonic SD-2511 WXE

    Brand: Panasonic

    Der Panasonic SD 2511 bietet 18 Automatik-Programme für Weizen-, Vollkorn-, kräftige Roggenbrote, Brioche, glutenfreie Backmischungen u.v.m. Drei Brotgrößen und drei Bräunungsgrade stehen zur Wahl. Damit das nächste Brot so gut gelingt wie das vorangegangene, gleicht ein Sensor vor dem Kneten die Temperatur

    Price: £159.24
  • Panasonic SD ZB 2512 KXE

    Brand: Panasonic

    Panasonic SD-ZB2512KXEBrotbackautomatLeckere Brote noch frischer als vom BäckerWissen, was drin ist: Mit dem Brotbackautomaten SD-ZB2512 von Panasonic lässt sich täglich frisch duftendes Brot zubereiten. Backen Sie ganz bequem und ohne großen Aufwand Ihre eigenen Brotkreationen mit 18 Brotprogrammen sowie

    Price: £179.73
  • Unold 8695 Baking Master Onyx

    Brand: Unold

    Unold Breadmaker Onyx 8695 Automatic mixing of the ingredients, kneading and rising of the dough and baking of the bread loaf Features: -Power rating: 600 W, 230 V~, 50 Hz -Volume: 750 to 1,000 g bread weight -12 memorized programmes (incl. one for glutenfree bread) and 1 individual programme -Time select key

    Price: £84.28
  • Russell Hobbs 18036-56 Classics

    Brand: Russell Hobbs

    Täglich frischer Brotgenuss mit dem Classics Brotbackautomat von Russell Hobbs. Mit dem Classics Brotbackautomaten kann man Brot kinderleicht selbst backen: Einfach die entsprechenden Zutaten in den Brotkasten geben und den Rest erledigt der Brotbackautomat.Eigenschaften: -12 Programme für verschiedene

    Price: £68.85
  • Price: £68.85
  • Bomann CB 594

    Brand: Bomann

    Boman CB 594 Automatic Bread Machine Features: -Fully autom. dough and bread preparation -Removable non-stick coated baking form -3 litre capacity (approx. 1300 g bread) -2 kneading pegs 9 baking programs/31 possible -Combinations: white bread, coarse wholemeal -Bread, quick baking, leavened pastries, basis,

    Price: £71.6
  • Gastroback 42820 Design Bread Maker Plus

    Brand: Gastroback

    Gastroback 42820 Design Bread Maker Plus equipped with 13 programmes for bread, pastry, marmalade and yoghurt This Bread Maker provides freshly baked fragrant breads and cakes. Even jam and yoghurt for your well-set breakfast table will be made quite easily. Try some recipes to your individual taste. The

    Price: £93.3
  • Unold 68425 Bread Making Machine Compact Plus

    Brand: Unold

    Unold 68425 Bread Making Machine Compact Plus: Home-baking has never been so easy -Power: 460-545 W, 220-240 V~, 50 Hz -Capacity: approx. 500 g - 1,000 g bread weight -13 saved programmes: 1 programme for marmalade or jam, 1 individual programme -All programmes are suitable for gluten-free bread -Baking pan

    Price: £94.55
  • Unold 68415 Baking machine Top Edition

    Brand: Unold

    Wake Up to the Smell of Freshly Baked Bread -Performance: 615 W, 230 V ~, 50 Hz -Capacity: 750 - 1.200g gross weight -11 pre-programmed settings -13-hour delay timer -LCD display -Large viewing window -Size: (LxW/DxH): 37,5 x24,5 x 32,3 cm Instruction manual (languages): D, GB, F, NL, E

    Price: £107.97
  • Unold 68511 Baking Machine Extra

    Brand: Unold

    Wake Up to the Smell of Freshly Baked Bread -Performance: 700 W, 230 V ~, 50 Hz -Capacity: 750 - 1.800g gross weight -9 pre-programmed settings -13-hour delay timer -3 crust colors -Twin kneading paddles -backing container with FUSION Sol-Gel ceramic non-stick coauting -LCD display for easy reading -Large

    Price: £120.8