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  • Nilfisk - Compact 130 Induction HPW/Patio Cleaner - 1700W

    Brand: Nilfisk

    This pressure washer has a metal pump for longer life and an air-cooled motor so it can be used for longer periods of time. The Click and Clean accessory system means different nozzles can be changed quickly and easily. The push fit hose connection on the handle...

    Price: £173.94
  • McCulloch - Petrol Lawnmower Starter Set

    Brand: McCulloch

    Everything you need to get started using a petrol lawnmower, except fuel. This petrol lawnmower starter kit comes with a 5L fuel can, 2x 0.6L bottles of high quality 4 stroke oil and a syringe to help you remove old and stale oil AND fuel. 0...

    Price: £26.44
  • Grizzly Tools 250W Corded Electric Lawn Trimmer.

    Brand: Grizzly Tools

    Great entry level lawn trimmer but still backed by the Grizzly three year warranty. A powerful 250W motor giving a cutting width of 230mm (9 inches). This is a single line trimmer with automatic tap and go line feed. Model number: ERT 230. Features: 250 watts. Cutting width 23cm. Corded 6m cable...

    Price: £32.99
  • Nilfisk - Titan 120 Hpw Bar Pressure Washer - 1400W

    Brand: Nilfisk

    The Nilfisk Titan 120 Pressure Washer has a rated pressure of 85 Bar and has an aluminium pump that gives it even longer life. The nine accessories included mean this pressure washer can be used for all round cleaning on your patio, vehicles and other areas. Includes a specific Cycle/Auto nozzle...

    Price: £133.94
  • McCulloch - M40 Petrol Lawnmower

    Brand: McCulloch

    Compact lawnmower with 40cm cutting width and collector. Folable handles for easy, space saving storage. High performing briggs and stratton engine. Durable, long lating, heaving duty steel body. Lawnmower features: Metal blade. 40cm blade width. 5 cutting heights...

    Price: £186.94
  • Karcher K2 Home and Brush Pressure Washer - 1400W

    Brand: Karcher

    The Karcher K2 Home and Brush is a lightweight portable pressure washer, perfect for occasional use on light dirt. Comes with T150 patio cleaner, 500ml bottle of patio and deck concentrate as well as a soft wash brush. Perfect for cleaning your outdoor space, from patio and decking to cars...

    Price: £88.94
  • Grizzly Tools 1800W 44cm Corded Electric Lawnmower.

    Brand: Grizzly Tools

    A great value, wide cut electric mower for the larger lawn. Built to Grizzlys high standard. A powerful 1800W motor ensures plenty of power and the 52 litre collection bag keeps emptying to a minimum...

    Price: £174.99
  • Flymo - Glider 330 33cm - Corded Collect Hover Mower - 1450W

    Brand: Flymo

    The Glider 330 from Flymo is a lightweight, easy to use electric hover mower, that will have your lawn looking great in no time at all. It is powerful and easy to use, and glides across the lawn cutting and compacting grass into its easy to remove and empty collection box...

    Price: £133.94
  • Wolf-Garten A320 Corded Lawnmower - 1200W.

    Brand: Wolf-Garten

    If your lawns too small to justify the purchase of an expensive petrol mower and youd rather not use an old-fashioned hand-push cylinder-type machine, then then mains-powered WOLF-GARTEN Ambition A320E offers the perfect compromise...

    Price: £112.99
  • McCulloch - M46 Petrol Lawnmower

    Brand: McCulloch

    A powerful and compact petrol lawnmower with the power to get the job done. Fitted with a high performance 110cc McCulloch engine, this mower will cut your grass down to 1 of 5 different cutting heights ranging between 20-75mm with ease...

    Price: £286.94
  • Grizzly Tools 1400W 35cm Corded Electric Lawnmower.

    Brand: Grizzly Tools

    A stylish top quality mower with a 35 cm cut. The high rear wheels mean easy manoeuvrability and the centrally adjusted height adjustment gives an easy change through the 6 step cutting heights...

    Price: £134.99
  • Makita Corded ELM4110X 1600W 41cm Electric Mower

    Brand: Makita

    The Makita ELM4110X is a powerful electric rotary mower with a 1600W motor, which is ideal for lawns up to 600m. The mower benefits from 5 cutting heights which range from 20cm to 75cm...

    Price: £193.94
  • Flymo - Turbo - 400 Electric - Corded Hover - Lawnmower

    Brand: Flymo

    For quick and easy mowing, the Turbo 400 is an easy to use hover mower ideal for medium to large for awkwardly shaped lawns, easily manoeuvring around flower beds, trees, up to paths and down slopes. Gardens. Floating on a cushion of air, it glides effortlessly around the lawn and is perfect...

    Price: £94.94
  • Flymo - Ultraglide - Corded Collect Hover Mower - 1800W

    Brand: Flymo

    The Flymo UltraGlide is the most advanced hover collect mower yet, and is perfect for medium to large sized gardens. Its unique DuoTech system offers the ultimate vacuum experience. It allows you to cut closer to walls, fences...

    Price: £153.94
  • Bosch - Rotak 43 Li Ergoflex 36V Cordless Rotary Lawnmower

    Brand: Bosch

    The Rotak 43 LI Ergoflex provides powerful cordless freedom without the weight or inconvenience of petrol thanks to the 36V 4Ah lithium-ion battery...

    Price: £486.94
  • Flymo Hover Vac 280 Corded Collect Mower - 1300W

    Brand: Flymo

    The HoverVac 280 is a lightweight, easy to use, electric hover collect lawnmower, that will help you to get your lawn looking great in no time. It will glide across your lawn, cutting and collecting the grass as you go. The HoverVac 280 is perfect for people with smaller gardens...

    Price: £78.94
  • Karcher 50m Primoflex Plus Hose

    Brand: karcher

    This 50m PrimoFlex Plus Hose is the perfect addition to your gardening and outdoor maintenance kit. With a pressure resistance up to 45 bar and operating temperature between -20 to 65C, the PrimoFlex Plus Hose is a reliable tool to keep your garden...

    Price: £41.94
  • Karcher - K2 Home Pressure Washer - 1400W

    Brand: Karcher

    The Karcher K2 Home pressure washer is a lightweight and mobile unit for occasional use. The Karcher home package includes a patio cleaner which enables the splash-free cleaning of even surfaces such as patios & decking and a detergent package for increased cleaning performance...

    Price: £79.94
  • Bosch Rotak 40-17 Ergoflex Corded Rotary Lawnmower - 1700W

    Brand: Bosch

    Easy and effortless mowing with this Bosch Rotak 40-17 Ergo rotary lawnmower, It is ideal for larger lawns with a 1700W motor. Ergoflex handles reduce muscle strain whilst mowing and innovative grass combs cut right up to the edge of fences or walls to reduce the need for edging...

    Price: £203.94